deCoda music practice and transcription aid from zplane.development GmbH & Co. KG

An interesting software tool for musicians. This software is a one stop interface where a musician might drag and drop an mp3 music audio file and play back the music with suggested sections of the song along with probable music notes and chords for accompaniment.

It reminds us of the time when we would slow down vinyl records or listen to cassette tapes while running through a 32-band graphic equalizer to help highlight the instrument on focus while putting other sounds and frequencies in the background.

The software allows the user to click on the suggested notes and mark them with pitch and note length allow the user to export parts as a MIDI file or audio file for you to practice along with.

Playback at half and at quarter speed of the original tempo makes it easy to hear or play along as a practice aid. The ability to transposed highlighted notes in a stereo field and selected frequency range is a boon especially when trying to discern bass notes or hear the difference between bass register percussion and bass instrument notes.

Keep the instruction manual handy