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About Us is a label located in Singapore. Founded in 2008, we have been providing music, song composition and other related services for the modern age of music streaming. On occasion we support musicians on live performances on location.

Client Testimonials put our band on the map. Before they opened, we couldn’t find a recording studio that was willing to take a chance on our songs, but Resolve was confident that we could succeed.

Gary H. Foo has become a favorite among artists, offering state-of-the-art recording services at bargain prices, making it ideal for emerging artists who don’t have the money to record with major labels.

Quick Reviews

While on tour, we received an invitation to record a song with Nick at and it was absolutely an unique experience. We ended up recording our entire album with them.

Matt Gamerboy ARJ

Given its quick expansion, popularity, and quality recordings, Resolve Records has received second place in our Studio of the Year contest.

Acoustic Quarterly

Music. Culture. Passion.